Seattle may be one of the best places to start a family, but having the housing to do so is a whole other issue. Between having one of the highest rent increases in the nation and now being ranked as one of the worst markets for first-time buyers, it’s not exactly easy out there. Let’s get into the details.

Bankrate ranked the best metros for first-time homebuyers through 11 data points in the nation’s 50 largest metro areas. Perhaps unsurprising but no west coast cities made the top of the list. Instead, they ranked near the bottom.

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Photo via Bankrate

All in all, Seattle ranked in 48th place out of all 50 major US cities. While we ranked high in wellness, our market tightness and safety scores were low. And despite many young adults with robust incomes, home prices are so high that it’s still difficult to afford property. Not only that but inventory is low so there’s a multitude of issues at play.

If you’re curious Seattle was followed in 49th place by Las Vegas and 50th place by Los Angeles. Of course if you’d like to check out the full ranking you can head to Bankrate’s website. Good luck out there Seattle!