The days may be getting longer and spring may be just around the corner but winter is certainly trying to hang on. And if you thought the cold days were over for the year, we hate to break it to you but they’re coming back this week. In fact, there’s snow not once but twice in the Seattle forecast this week.

Now is this really surprising? In one way yes because why is it snowing in February in the PNW but also no because this is Seattle and the weather is rarely predictable. That means this week we’ll see temperatures as low as 22 and as high as 49. The good news is that even though temperatures are cold, the days will be mostly sunny.

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But what about that snow? The highest chance of snow is on Wednesday night when temperatures will drop down to 29 degrees. If anything, it will be a light dusting of snow, and Saturday’s snow is likely to be even lighter considering it is set to be the warmest day of the week with a high of 49, according to the National Weather Service.

We’ll keep our fingers crossed for a calm week and hopefully nothing like December’s snow. Have a great week Seattle and don’t forget your layers!