It’s been one heck of a summer for Seattle. We’ve seen record-breaking heat, record-breaking wildfires, and an intense drought but it doesn’t look like Seattle will stop breaking records anytime soon. If the weather does indeed hold, Seattle will set a new record for days without rain this week.

Crazy right? Seattle and rain really go together like PB&J, at least in the eyes of the nation. But this week it looks like our rainy city could hit 51 days without rain which ties us with a record set in 1951. Now, it may not break the all-time record of 55 days that was set in 2017, but it’s getting close.

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NWS Seattle compiled data dating all the way back to 1945 showing just how dry the past month was. And it’s pretty interesting to see that the majority of those records were set after 2000. Looks like each year just keeps getting a little drier!

However, it looks like the dry spell will come to an end this Friday as the forecast currently shows some showers. That being said, if things change, we could be on our way to breaking the all-time 2017 record. What do you think it’ll be folks?

We’re keeping our fingers crossed for rain as the city can use it as can the state with all those wildfires. For now, you can learn more by clicking here. Have a great week folks!