Well folks, this weekend certainly was interesting. Quite literally none of us have ever experienced that kind of heat in Seattle before because we just broke all-time records. Of course, people all over Seattle had their own things to say about it. Let’s take a look at how Twitter reacted.

One user pointed out just how insane the projected temperatures were. Seattle is starting to look more and more like socal and we’re not sure if we like that.

Need that data with a little bit of a nationwide perspective? Yea Seattle was really freakin hot this weekend.

While it may have been ridiculously hot the city sure was beautiful. This user captured some stunning photos of West Seattle’s heatwave sunset.

On an equally beautiful note, another Seattleite made a point of looking out for others during the heatwave and provided cold drinks to mail carriers.

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One user got creative with foil to reflect the sun out of their home. We’ll have to keep this trick in mind next time.

Humans weren’t the only ones feeling the heat. Even the squirrels were tired of it.

NWS came in clutch with the official temperature details and it turns out that both Olympia and Hoquiam also broke records. Yikes!

Now it’s also worth noting that the heat isn’t over. In fact, today might be even hotter. SO be sure to stay hydrated, drink your water all day and do your best to stay cool.

We hope that you are all able to stay safe and cool this week. For once, we’ll look forward to some rain and cooler temps in the coming days. Have a great week Seattle.