We all know that Seattle is expensive but just how expensive is it really and how much does it cost to live alone here? Well, we have an answer for you.

Numbeo is the world’s largest crowdsourced database for cost of living. It breaks down all of the expenses required to live comfortably on your own in cities across the US and all over the globe.

It lists the average price of all of your expenses and even lets you compare the cost of living between cities so you know how your city stacks up. If you’re planning to move soon this is definitely a useful tool.

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So, here are some of Numbeo’s breakdowns for the cost of living in Seattle.

A single person in Seattle spends an estimated $1,268.07 per month, not including rent. That’s based on 2167 entries by over 320 contributors over the past 12 months.

And here are some of the cost breakdowns by Numbeo for the average person in Seattle:

  • Rent (one-bedroom): $2,228.24 per month
  • Basic utilities: $221.87 per month
  • Internet: $69.23 per month
  • Transit pass: $99.50 per month
  • Fitness membership: $56.55 per month
  • Meal for two (mid-range restaurant): $90.00

We’ll bet you can guess what the majority of a Seattleites income goes towards, but it’s worth taking a look at Numbeo’s distribution of expenses.

It shows that Seattleites spend 40% of their income on rent, 29% on markets, 12.5% on restaurants, 7.5% on transportation and the rest is divided between utilities, clothing and shoes and sports and leisure.

Are you surprised?