Summer is one of the best times of year to catch astrological events. If watching the sky is up your alley, you should definitely keep your eyes peeled this month. The Seattle night sky is going to be full of astronomy events like a supermoon, blue clouds, and more.

June is starting off hot with the Strawberry Moon, it’s a supermoon that will rise on the 13th and stay visible early into the 14th. There’s not much you have to do to see this spectacular event because it should be easily visible unless the city experiences heavy cloud coverage.

Throughout the month you may be able to see rare noctilucent clouds, the highest clouds in Earth’s atmosphere at around 500 feet.

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Soon after, we’ll get to experience a rare planetary alignment of Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn. The planets will appear in order in the pre-dawn sky throughout the second half of June with June 24th being the best morning to view the phenomenon. By the way, it won’t occur again for a few decades so it’s worth trying to see.

Of course, the summer solstice is also taking place on June 21st. So you have lots to look out for this month while enjoying the shortest nights of the year. Keep in mind visibility for these events is weather dependant, so fingers crossed the Seattle sky stays clear.

You can learn more from AccuWeather’s website. Have a great June, Seattle!