Urban planning and walkability are an increasingly important topics in an ever-urbanizing world. While Seattle may seem walkable for many, does it actually fit the model of a 15-minute city, and what is a 15-minute city? The answer is it depends on where you live and we’re here to help you break down that info.

So what is a 15-minute city?

It’s “a metropolis where residents can satisfy the full spectrum of their daily needs within a 15-minute walk or bike ride” – a concept created by urban planner Carlos Moreno. As for examples of what that looks like, Paris is probably the most fully realized city of that model.

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Photo via Nat Henry

Local geographer and public health researcher Nat Henry set out to create a map to show Seattleites if their neighborhood matches the model. For the purpose of the map, Henry included a total of 8 factors with things like supermarkets, libraries, parks, schools, and more.

It turns out Seattle has many areas that fit the model, with some in urban areas fulfilling the model in less than a 5-minute walk or bike ride.

So where does your neighborhood sit?