From the Rosebud Motel to the wide-open seas – Canadian hit, Schitt’s Creek will soon be the subject of a themed cruise scheduled to set sail next month along the coast of the North Atlantic Ocean.

Dedicated to the show’s most outlandish character, Moira (played by the legendary Catherine O’Hara), this 4-day journey will kick up dust in Miami – then sail to Key West and Nassau in the Bahamas, offering activities and events along the way.

From trivia to a wig party, karaoke, panels, bar crawls, a “Crowening” soiree, and a Jazzgals concert – those aboard ‘Moira’s Party Boat,’ will get to live as the Rose’s do – and isn’t that a dream?

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schitt's creek cruise
Photo via Moira’s Party Cruise

“We have been FLOORED by all the amazing people we have met since we became fans of this iconic show,” Fliphone says on its website.

“Now it is the time to meet and celebrate with others. You’ll leave the cruise with many new friends that share the love of the same television program.”

Interested in checking it out? Each ticket will cost approximately $1,258.69 CAD per person and includes your cabin, a classic drink package, wifi, pre-paid gratuities, and most events – with additional excursions available for an extra fee.

If you’d like more information or want to reserve your spot on the Schitt’s Creek Cruise, you can visit their website here – otherwise, tell your friends. Maybe they’ll want to check it out! It’s going to be a fantastic time.


When: March 30th – April 3rd, 2023
Where: Miami, Key West & Nassau
Cost: $1,258.69 CAD