Ready for your next outdoor adventure? BC has plenty to offer hikers by way of scenic viewpoints – from stunning waterfall hikes to challenging treks through old-growth forests and up mountains. And what’s more, there are plenty of all difficulty levels to choose from. So with that in mind, here are 8 scenic hiking trails worth checking out in BC this summer – for a great workout and an even better view!

The Stawamus Chief

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This trail actually shares part of the Sea to Summit Trail, so make sure you’re following the signs. Start at the stunning Shannon Falls, then get ready to walk up the Chief before getting that picture-perfect view of Howe Sound. You can do just the lower peak, or climb all three, depending on your mood.

Duration: 11 km
Difficulty: Intermediate
Distance from Vancouver: One hour

Slesse Memorial Trail

Located southeast of Chilliwack, the Slesse Memorial Trail is a testament to incredible hikes outside of the Whistler area. This intermediate hike takes roughly 6 hours to complete, but rewards hikers with amazing views of Mount Slesse. Don’t miss the propeller, either, which serves as a memorial to one of Canada’s worst aviation disasters.

Duration: 12 km
Difficulty: Moderate
Distance from Vancouver: Approximately 2 hours

Wedgemount Lake

Described as one of the most challenging hikes in Garibaldi Park, Wedgemount Lake offers an elevation gain of 1160 meters in just 6km. However, the alpine views and a glimpse of the amazing Wedgemount Waterfall make it more than worth it.

Duration: 12 km
Difficulty: Difficult
Distance from Vancouver: 2.5 hours

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Helm Lake

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Photo via Jau-Cheng Liou / Shutterstock

A challenging and long hike that winds around a few lakes south of Whistler. The trail offers views of a few iconic BC mountains, including Black Tusk. There’s also a campsite on the trail, making it easy for those who want to extend their stay and explore the area.

Duration: 26 km
Difficulty: Difficult
Distance from Vancouver: Approximately 2 hours

Tunnel Bluffs

scenic hiking trails bc
Photo via EB Adventure Photography / Shutterstock

A relatively challenging hike that starts just north of Lions Bay and includes exposed rock sections. There are solid viewpoints, and the final one makes the mud more than worth it.

Duration: 6 km
Difficulty: Intermediate
Distance from Vancouver: 30 minutes

Abby Grind (Glen Ryder Trail)

The lesser-known alternative to the Grouse Grind is Abbotsford’s dog-friendly, 4 km “Abby Grind,” AKA, Glen Ryder Trail The popular spot is the perfect place to get your steps in for the afternoon along with your pup, and there are plenty of scenic viewpoints to add onto your journey.

Duration: 4 km
Difficulty: Intermediate
Distance from Vancouver: One hour and 15 minutes

Teapot Hill

This easy hike is located within Cultus Lake Provincial Park and is great for hikers of all ages. As the name suggests, there are actually teapots hidden along the trail. And there are some pretty great views at the end.

Duration: 5 km
Difficulty: Easy
Distance from Vancouver: One hour and 40 minutes

Sea to Summit Trail

scenic hiking trails bc
Photo via Christopher Moswitzer / Shutterstock

Why pay money to take the Sea to Sky Gondola when you can just walk up? That’s our mentality, at least. This winding trail features almost a km of elevation gain and includes a little bit of scrambling, so prepare accordingly. Spring, summer, fall, doesn’t matter the season, this is undoubtedly some of the best hiking around Vancouver.

Duration: 7.5 km one-way
Difficulty: Intermediate
Distance from Vancouver: One hour

And that’s a wrap on some beautiful hiking trails that await you in BC. Stay safe and enjoy the view!

Note: When planning your trips, make sure to consult trail conditions before you arrive and follow marked trails. Always let someone know ahead of time if you’re planning a day hike or overnight stay outdoors. Familiarize yourself with this safety list prior to departure.