In the adventure mood? There’s still plenty of time left in the summer to challenge yourself to a rigorous hike or two, and all of these come with the fun reward of a lake or stream to cool off in! So we’ll jump right in, no pun intended: Here are 6 stunning hikes with water access to check out near Vancouver.

Note: When planning your trips, make sure to consult trail conditions before you arrive and follow marked trails. Always let someone know ahead of time if you’re planning a day hike or overnight stay outdoors. Familiarize yourself with this safety list prior to departure. 

Lindeman Lake 

Lindeman Lake summer hikes vancouver

Photo via Vancouver Trails

The hike to Lindeman Lake is short and sweet at only two hours roundtrip – plus, it’s dog-friendly! If you prefer to avoid the crowds at Cultus Lake but still enjoy the area around Chilliwack Lake, this is for you.

The beach area of Lindeman Lake is the perfect spot to cool off and enjoy some crystal blue water. For folks who want to go a little further, it only takes about 30 minutes to get to the beautiful Greendrop Lake – just a hop, skip (over a boulder field), and jump (past a couple of log bridges) away.

Rating: Intermediate
Length: 3.4km
Distance from Vancouver: 2 ish hours

Nairn Falls


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Lying in between Whistler and Pemberton, Nairn Falls is the shortest hike on this list, making it easy to accomplish in a day. At only an hour and a half round trip, you get to experience not one, but two stunning waterfalls. Bring a little snack to eat near the second for a nice picnic.

Rating: Easy
Length: 3km (1.5 hours)
Distance from Vancouver: 2.5 hours

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Helm Lake


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This hike is not for the faint of hearts – but the challenge is so worth it. The trail winds around several different lakes south of Whistler, and all of them offer unparalleled views of iconic BC mountains, including Black Tusk. There’s also a campsite along the trail, making it easy for folks to set up shop and extend their stay.

Rating: Difficult
Length: 26km (9 hours)
Distance from Vancouver: 2.25 hours

Wedgemount Lake

Wedgemount Lake summer hikes vancouver

Photo via Rado Buransky / Shutterstock

Described as one of the most challenging hikes in Garibaldi Park, Wedgemount Lake offers an elevation gain of 1,160 meters in just 6km. However, the alpine views and a glimpse of the amazing Wedgemount Waterfall make it more than worth it.

Rating: Difficult
Length: 12km (7 hours)
Distance from Vancouver: 2.5 hours

Garibaldi Lake

Photo via EB Adventure Photography / Shutterstock

Probably one of the most well-known trails in British Columbia, Garibaldi Lake has everything the outdoors enthusiast could ask for. You’ve got glaciers, you’ve got mountains, you’ve got a gorgeous lake. If you need somewhere to cool off this summer, you’ve got plenty of options with this hike.

Rating: Intermediate
Length: 18km (5 hours)
Distance from Vancouver: 1.75 hours

Black Tusk

Photo via Autumn Sky Photography / Shutterstock

The longest hike on this list, leading to BC’s most stunning (in our opinion) mountain. Black Tusk is a stratovolcano and volcanic rock that simply juts into the sky. There’s a reason that even as a very challenging trail it is still very popular- the reward is more than worth it. Don’t want to try a scramble? You can try Panorama Ridge instead.

Rating: Difficult
Length: 29km (11 hours)
Distance from Vancouver: 1.75 hours

And there you have it, Vancouver – these are some summer hikes with water access to keep you cool during some of the hottest months of the year. Before you head out, make sure that you are adequately prepared for the wilderness.