A small-town DQ Grill & Chill in Saskatchewan ended up with a thrill last month, thanks to a helicopter landing in a nearby parking lot. Turns out, a passenger really wanted an ice cream cake. Nope, we’re not joking.

According to a report from Saskatchewan RCMP, the incident occurred in Tisdale, a town with a population of around 3,000. On July 31st, around 5PM, a phone call came in to complain about the helicopter touching down in a centrally-located parking lot.

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The driver, aged 34, was determined to be able to pilot the helicopter. However, it was illegal to park where he did, and the landing was not an emergency. Plus, he ‘blew up dust and debris through the area’, which is always a no-no in a small town. So, he’s been charged with ‘dangerous operation of an aircraft’, and will have to go to court about it in September.

While we can’t endorse parking your helicopter to buy an ice cream cake, we won’t hesitate to say that it’s one of the most amazing ways to satisfy your craving that we’ve ever heard of. Stay tuned for next month, when a man from Nova Scotia uses a farm combine to get a Slurpee.

And DQ, maybe reach out to this guy for a little under-the-table reward. He’s earned it with his commitment.