There’s nothing quite like a delicious scoop of ice cream in the late summer heat. That being said, not all ice cream is safe for non-human consumption aka for the pups. But beloved PNW ice cream chain Salt & Straw is changing that with the addition of a brand new pup-friendly ice cream.

So what’s the scoop on the new product? It’s appropriately called “Pup Cups”, they’re made with a base of human-grade coconut ice cream. Now because this product is for dogs, you won’t find chocolate and caramel instead you’ll find pieces of apples, carrots, and even sweet potato ribbons.

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salt & straw
Photo via Salt & Straw

If you’re ready to get your hands er paws on the delicious treat, you don’t have to wait much longer. Salt & straw scoop shops will begin serving the cups on August 19th. You can purchase them for $3.75 and beginning on August 26th the cups can be shipped nationwide as a 12-pack.

What’s more, National Dog Day is August 26th and in celebration, Salt & Straw plans to host “Yappy Hours”. Between August 22nd and 26th from 2 pm-4 pm, you can bring your dogs and receive one complimentary pup cup with the purchase of ice cream. Talk about a sweet deal!

You can learn more at Salt & Straw’s Instagram.