We’ve been counting down the days! The City of Toronto will soon be filled with stunning, fully-bloomed cherry blossoms. High Park Nature Centre has been keeping a close eye on the blooms as they move through their various stages and according to the latest update, we are days away.

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According to High Park Nature Centre, “As of April 18, 2024, the cherry blossoms in High Park are at stage 4 of the bloom development process. The peduncles or flower stems are getting longer and the individual florets can be clearly seen.”

“We will be slowly moving into stage 5 of the bloom development process over the weekend. We expect to reach peak bloom in High Park on Monday, April 22.”

You’ll have around 4-10 days to catch the Sakura trees with fully bloomed cherry blossoms once they open.

If you can’t make it to High Park there are plenty of other places in the city where you can see cherry blossoms.

The City of Toronto has created a city-wide map showing the spots where Sakura trees can be found including Exhibition Place, Trinity Bellwoods Park, Cedarvale Park and more.

Planning on attending any of these locations to see the blooms in Toronto? High Park Nature Centre wants to remind you of some simple guidelines to follow if so!

  • Avoid climbing or walking under the trees and pulling on branches or blossoms
  • Stay on trails and pathways
  • Dispose of litter in waste bins or that out what you bring in
  • Watch where you step

Head on out to High Park or any of the other cherry blossom locations in Toronto and don’t forget to snap some photos!