Well folks, the Red Lot might be on hiatus, but this is a pretty darn good alternative. For Sunday’s game, the Saddledome will be hosting a free watch party for fans of all ages! Here’s what to know about the new “C of Red Family Viewing Party”.

Much like the Red Lot, the C of Red Family Viewing Party will be a ticketed, but free, event. On Saturday, May 21st, tickets will go ‘on sale’ starting at 9AM MST. Fans will be able to get up to four tickets each, but know that they are non-transferable, to discourage resellers from trying to cash in on the excitement.

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It should be noted that the Saddledome will not be at full capacity for Sunday’s Battle of Alberta. So, much like with the Red Lot, we suggest that fans secure their tickets sooner rather than later come Saturday. If there’s one thing we learned this week, it’s that Flames fans don’t mess around when it comes to viewing parties. We like the enthusiasm.

The only toss-up? Whether or not the Saddledome watch party will be opening concessions for the game. We expect they will, and will update this article accordingly once that’s confirmed. In the meanwhile, bookmark this page for easy access to the tickets!