We’re honestly confused to make this claim ourselves, but Brady Tkachuk could be our favourite Flames fan right now. Yup, turns out one of the NHL’s brightest stars can’t help himself from cheering on his brother, and by extension, the Flames themselves. Time to make our case…

1. He’s a man of the people

Is Brady Tkachuk cheering on the Flames from box seats, with other VIP fans? Heck no, the dude is right in the mix, along with the rest of the Tkachuk family (including their dad and fellow NHL legend, Keith Tkachuk).

2. He knows how to carry his beer

Fellow fans, take notes. Rather than awkwardly stacking cups on beer on each other (and risking spilling them on the way to your seat), Brady Tkachuk opts for cans, so that he can turn regular old jeans into a beer carrying machine.

3. The dude just loves hockey

When most of us show team pride in another city, we really only have to worry about upsetting the fans next to us. Brady, meanwhile, is literally the captain of the Ottawa Senators, and arguably their vision of the future. Does that stop him from joining the C of Red, living it up, and screaming support when the Flames score? No, it does not.

Of course, we’re super down for it, and especially if it leads to Matthew Tkachuk doing as much as he did in the first game.