Imagine exploring one of the most secluded places in the world, with nothing but rolling sand dunes and wild horses all around you. Well, with this new luxury expedition to the Sable Island National Park Reserve, you could find yourself doing just that this winter.

Nova Scotia’s Muir Hotel has unveiled its newest Extraordinary Expedition, a full-day journey to one of Canada’s furthest offshore islands, inhabited only by wildlife and majestic horses.

The island is actually owned by Parks Canada and is only accessible by air and sea.

The island is “extremely isolated, and access is determined by weather and geography,” says Parks Canada.

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“Access to Sable Island NPR is extremely limited with only a handful of tours permitted to visit each year,” said Muir in a press release.

Muir has partnered with Kattuk Expeditions, who will lead three tours of Sable Island NPR in January and February of 2023.

Fred Stillman, the owner of Kattuk Expeditions, will personally guide visitors on this one-in-a-lifetime excursion.

“Far away from any modern amenities and services, in the exposed open Atlantic Ocean with the Gulf Stream and Labrador currents nearby, this is the wild of wild, so remote and extreme, yet positively beautiful and gentle,” said Stillman in the release.

“It is a place unlike any other in the world.”


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The day trip to Sable Island is only one part of this five-day experience organized by Muir. And rest assured that the remaining four days will not be nearly as rugged.

The itinerary is packed with exclusive access to Nova Scotia’s finest wineries, as well as visits to historic forts, incredible dining, world-class scenery, and top-notch luxury accommodations.

You will “end each day in an executive suite, a soothing haven of quiet luxury with immediate views of the Atlantic Ocean.”

If there’s any experience worth crossing off your bucket list someday, it is a trip to this true hidden gem right here in Canada.

An Extraordinary Expedition: Muir + Sable Island National Park Reserve

When: January & February 2023
Where: Muir Hotel, 1709 Lower Water Street, Halifax