All it took was one scene aboard the Hogwarts Express to convince us that trains were the coolest way of transportation. Luckily, for those who dream of steam engines and countryside views, the Rocky Mountaineer exists and is even hiring!

A vacation unlike any other, the Rocky Mountaineer offers luxury experiences for travellers looking to explore the Canadian Rockies and is more focused on the journey rather than the destination.

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With comfortable seating, delicious meals, attentive staff and most impressive of all, a glass-domed roof, guests are in for the ride of their lives and an unparalleled view.

Plus, with two different types of trains you can ride (SilverLeaf with a single-level glass-dome coach, Goldleaf with a bi-level glass-domed coach), Rocky Mountaineer is one of the most impressive ways to go from A to B in the entire country.

Interested in being a passenger? We’ll be honest, these trips aren’t cheap, but you truly get what you pay for.


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Here are just are the Canadian routes they currently offer for anyone having trouble with decision-making.

Rainforest to Gold Rush

  • Route:¬†Vancouver > Whistler > Quesnel > Jasper

Journey through the Clouds

  • Route:¬†Vancouver > Kamloops > Jasper

First Passage to the West

  • Route:¬†Vancouver > Kamloops > Lake Louise > Banff

Want to go in the opposite direction? Each vacation is offered in reverse as well so don’t fret if you don’t want to start at a final destination!


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Finally, as we mentioned – it’s also worth noting that ahead of another busy season, they’re hiring!

From guest services to chefs, they’re looking for talented Canadians to fill a variety of positions in locations from Vancouver to Banff.

To apply, head to the Rocky Mountaineer website now and good luck!

This could be the start of something magical!