All it took was one scene aboard the Hogwarts Express to convince us that trains were the coolest way of transportation. Luckily, for those who dream of steam engines and countryside views, the Rocky Mountaineer exists.

A vacation unlike any other, the Rocky Mountaineer offers luxury experiences for travellers looking to explore Canada in a new and unique way and they’ve practically mastered it.

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For this reason, it should come as a surprise they were just named the best of its kind by Travel and Leisure. 

This year, nearly 165,000 T+L readers weighed in on their experiences travelling the globe and from hotels and cities, cruise ships, spas, activities and airlines – they were able to create a catalogue of their favourites in various countries and categories.

According to the publication, trains across the world were given a rating of excellent, above average, average, below average, or poor on everything from rooms and facilities, location and quality of service to food and the overall value, then assigned a score.

What they found was that with a score of 88.05, the Rocky Mountaineer was the industry’s crown jewel, followed by the British Pullman and Inca Rail.


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Want to know what you can expect aboard the train?

With comfortable seating, delicious meals, attentive staff and most impressive of all, a glass-domed roof, guests are in for the ride of their lives and an unparalleled view.

Plus, with two different types of trains you can ride (SilverLeaf with a single-level glass-dome coach and Goldleaf with a bi-level glass-domed coach), the Rocky Mountaineer is one of the most impressive ways to go from A to B in the entire country.

We’ll be honest, however, that these trips aren’t cheap – but you truly get what you pay for!


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Here are the Canadian routes they currently offer for anyone that struggles with decision-making:

Rainforest to Gold Rush

  • Route:¬†Vancouver > Whistler > Quesnel > Jasper

Journey through the Clouds

  • Route:¬†Vancouver > Kamloops > Jasper

First Passage to the West

  • Route: Vancouver > Kamloops > Banff

Want to go in the opposite direction? Each vacation is offered in reverse as well so don’t fret if you don’t want to start at a final destination!

Interested in taking a ride? Check it out! It’s truly a world-class experience!