Alberta is full of surprises, but there’s nothing quite like what you’ll find underground at the Fox Hotel and Suites in Banff!

Located only minutes from hikes, luxurious restaurants and charming little shops, this vacation destination has a courtyard, spacious rooms and – what might be Wild Rose Country’s coolest man-made hot tub.

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Photo via Fox Hotel & Suites / Facebook

Modelled after the Cave and Basin historical site, the Fox Hotel actually has its very own grotto – truly unlike anything else in the area.

Considered by many to be the birthplace of Canada’s national parks, the Cave and Basin is described as a gathering place for people to share stories about conservation and build a stronger connection between people and the land in national protected areas.

Of course, while the water in this natural cave system is hot and blue as can be, the public is unable to take a dip in the thermal springs, which is why the Fox Hotel should also be on your must-visit list!

Here you can actually go for a swim and from the rocks to the ambiance, they’ve done an incredible job recreating the oasis – even going so far as to open the roof in an effort to let the “natural elements filter down.”

The hotel also has a sauna, a fitness room, and is pet friendly – so check in and wind down! It’s affordable, photogenic and incredibly unique to Alberta, so really, there’s no reason not to.


The Fox Hotel and Suites – Banff, Alberta

Where: 461 Banff Ave, Banff, AB