You can see ancient fossils in person right here in Ontario! Rock Point Provincial Park has exposed fossils of a coral reef dating back 350 million years embedded in limestone along the park’s beach and they’re waiting to be explored.

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rock point
Image via Ontario Parks

Rock Point Provincial Park is just under two hours by car from Toronto in Dunnville, Ontario.

If you want to discover the exposed fossils of the 350 million-year-old coral reef you’re going to have to walk along the 1 KM sand/pebble beach in the park.

The fossils are embedded in the limestone and searching for them makes for the perfect family-friendly activity.

If fossil exploring isn’t for you then the beach is great for lounging, too! You can even bring your furry friend as pets are permitted on the far west end of the beach in the day-use area.

Get your steps in on the Woodlot Trail. According to Ontario Parks, the trail offers “a variety of forest and wetland communities including Carolinian, Oak Savanna and old farm fields that are slowly being reclaimed by the forest.”

The trail leads to a viewing platform built on top of the park’s sand dunes overlooking Lake Erie – stunning!

If you have a birder in your life, be sure to bring them to Rock Point Provincial Park. Over 260 bird species have been recorded in the park over the years.

Day passes/vehicle passes start at $12.25 so make sure to plan a day trip this summer and don’t forget to snap some photos of the ancient fossils.

Rock Point Provincial Park

Where: 215 Niece Rd, Dunnville, ON