It’s time to give some love to Ontario’s small towns. They’re quaint, charming, wholesome and full of life. Why wouldn’t you want to escape the city and explore these nooks across Ontario? One must-visit small town has to be Perth, Ontario, and here’s what to know.

Perth, Ontario is about a three-and-a-half-hour drive from Toronto which, if you’re down for the trip, can totally be day-trip worthy.

According to the town’s website, there’s a good chance you’ll fall in love with it when you visit, and we couldn’t agree more.

You’ll find a mix of historic 19th-century architecture, serene parks, and waterways that give Perth a postcard-like atmosphere.

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“We have heritage buildings crafted by 19th-century masons, the Tay River flowing underneath the bridges and a five-acre park hidden behind Town Hall,” shares the town.

The town was named after Perth, Scotland in the early 1800s and was settled by a mix of Scottish, Irish and European settlers. They’ve since worked hard to maintain the heritage feel.

Besides its heritage buildings, another gem is its Tay River which flows throughout the town, under several scenic bridges where you can cross to enjoy the view.

All of these features are on display at the town’s famous Stewart Park, which is home to the Stewart Park Rainbow Bridge, rustic restored mill, lush gardens, and towering old trees.

In fact, this park is what makes Perth the “wedding capital of eastern Ontario,” according to its website. It offers a romantic setting, perfect for exchanging vows. Hint. Hint.

This town is also known for its arts, culture, and theatre scene.

You’ll also get a wonderful culinary experience here, and there’s no shortage of outdoor activities, including cycling, golf, paddling, and hiking.

The main attractions of the town include the Perth Museum, Hall of Remembrance, the Mammoth Cheese, the Big Red Chair, the Red Fox mural, the dry-stone bridge, the Crystal Palace, the Courthouse cannons, the Last Duel Pistols, and the Rocky Ramps.

Now who is ready for an adventure?