Enter the magical world of under-water wildlife! Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada is home to North America’s longest underwater viewing tunnel, with more than 5.7 million litres of water and over 100 interactive opportunities. You can immerse yourself in a world of 20,000 aquatic animals and discover your own underwater adventure!

What’s Included

  • Timed ticket entry for a self-guided walk through tour of all galleries at Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada
  • Tickets to virtual tours, the Fin & Tonic Virtual Cocktail Class, and Annual Passes available as well
  • Check out the Ripley’s Café and Cargo Hold Gift Shop while on site!

What To Expect

Experience all of the incredible Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada Galleries.

CANADIAN WATERSCanada is famous all over the world for its breathtaking landscapes and resident wildlife, but its waters are an even greater treasure trove of extraordinary habitats and animals.

As you explore the Canadian Waters gallery, you will journey from coast to coast via freshwater wildernesses, fisheries and kelp forests. Take in the impressive biodiversity of the Great Lakes – they account for 20 per cent of the world’s fresh water and are an essential part of Canada’s freshwater habitat. And with three oceans to choose from, it’s no wonder our marine habitats are home to such a variety of flora and fauna.

RAINBOW REEF -Rainbow Reef beautifully recreates the warm and inviting coral seas of the Indo-Pacific Ocean. Here you can enjoy the kaleidoscope of fish that flash around their idyllic home, and learn more about their precious but endangered habitats.

Sometimes called rainforests of the sea, coral reefs are rich in life, with a variety of organisms that is rarely equaled. The structure of a reef lends itself to creating not just one habitat, but thousands of micro-habitats, and often exhibit extraordinary adaptations and specialist lifestyles.

DANGEROUS LAGOON – Immerse yourself in Dangerous Lagoon, the breathtaking underwater gallery, and come face to face with some of the Aquarium’s most jaw-dropping species.

Hop onto the moving sidewalk and get up close and personal with a wide array of sharks while keeping your eyes peeled for Ripley’s two resident green sea turtles, green sawfish and other species of fish and invertebrates who call this exhibit home.

DISCOVERY CENTRE – At the Discovery Centre guests will find a gallery packed with interactive exhibits, allowing them to get their hands wet and engage with many different animals.

The Discovery Centre is a favourite place for guests to find out more about the dynamics of the marine environment through play. Enjoy the sensation of a deep-sea dive in an interactive submarine without having to worry about getting wet. Young visitors can have fun with a trip down the iconic clownfish slide or play with a water table that replicates the complex lock system of the Great Lakes.

THE GALLERY – As you stroll through The Gallery, be sure to take a close look into every exhibit – Ripley’s masters of camouflage live here! You will not only find stunning fish in technicolour hues, you will be witnessing the incredible adaptations that help them survive.

From electric eels to flamboyant cuttlefish, The Gallery is home to all different types of aquatic animals. These delicate species are from all over the world with so much waiting to be discovered.

RAY BAY – As you continue your journey, you will stumble upon Ray Bay, one of the most popular galleries, featuring four species of stingray and one species of shark!

At Ray Bay you can see how some rays use their flattened bodies and large, modified pectoral fins like wings to “fly” through the water. Rays move with incredible grace and the large observation window at Ray Bay offers the perfect opportunity for guests of all ages to experience the thrill of getting up close and personal with some captivating marine animals.

PLANET JELLIES – Ocean explorers sometimes encounter creatures that simply don’t appear to belong on this planet. With extraordinary appearances, outlandish life cycles and bizarre behaviour, these species might strike you as “alien”.

Jellies epitomize this “alien” phenomenon. They look like umbrellas, can be bigger than a human, or smaller than a tack and have stinging tentacles. Yet they are poor swimmers and subject to the whims of ocean currents, making them one of the largest type of plankton.

Travel to the Planet Jellies gallery – one of the largest of its kind in the world – and learn more about the four species of jellies, beautifully exhibited in backlit kreisel tanks and colour-changing displays.

LIFE SUPPORT SYSTEMS – By bringing a significant amount of pumping and filtration equipment out into the public areas, the Aquarium offers visitors a unique opportunity to see how its complex environment is maintained.

SHORELINE GALLERY – The Shoreline Gallery is located at the top of Ray Bay. Guests will have the opportunity to closely observe, interact with and even gently touch four species of stingrays.