We all deserve a piece of the pie – but some have been given far more than they can stomach. These folks, of course, are the world’s billionaires and with a new year ahead of us, Forbes has ranked the wealthiest heading into 2023.

From business owners to company heirs, founders and their family members, some of the richest people on Earth hold a Canada-branded passport.

However, before we jump into things, it’s important to note that some listed below no longer live in their respective provinces or (despite their citizenship) in Canada full-time.

To simplify things, we’ve based the following on the province where they have the strongest ties.

Want to know who’s living like the Roys in Succession? These are the richest people in each province of Canada – according to the publication:


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Changpeng Zhao – Founder and CEO of Binance
Ranking: 19th
Networth: $65 Billion 


Daryl Katz –  Founder/chairman of the Katz Group of Companies & owner of the Edmonton Oilers
Ranking: 637th
Networth: $4.5 Billion


David Thomson (and Family) – Chairman of Thomson Reuters
Ranking: 26th
Networth: $49.2 Billion

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Bruce Flatt – CEO of Brookfield Asset Management
Ranking: 66th
Networth: $4.6 Billion


Alain Bouchard –  Co-founder and chairman of Alimentation Couche-Tard
Ranking: 552nd (tied)
Networth: $5 Billion


James Irving – Owner of J.D. Irving
Ranking: 709th
Networth: $4.1 Billion

And there you have it, folks. It’s not the tastiest treat you’ll sink your teeth into this year, but it’s the way the cookie has crumbled. Believe us when we say seeing these numbers have bummed us out too – but who the heck knows. Maybe one day you’ll find yourself on this list and feel differently. Our fingers are crossed for all of you!

No matter what it’s important to remember you are doing your best and money (though it can buy boats, houses and planes) cannot buy happiness.

Here’s to a happy and healthy 2023.