There are only three swinging bridges in Canada and one of them is right here in Ontario. The Renfrew Swinging Bridge dates all the back the the 1800s and is still standing (and swinging) today.

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According to the Town of Renfrew, the W.H. Kearney family built a suspension bridge across the Bonnechere River in 1885.

The Town of Renfrew has preserved the bridge and ensured the safety of the structure over the years.

A reconstruction of wood and cable was conducted in 1983 and upgraded again in 2015.

“In 2021 an extensive overhaul of the Swinging Bridge was undertaken that included replacing the railing material and deck boards to extend the life of the historic landmark.”

In 2023, new lights were installed to not only up the visual appeal of the Swinging Bridge, but provide an extra layer of safety for residents and visitors as well.

To find the bridge all you have to do is find the McDougall Mill Museum! The bridge is right next to the Museum at 65 Arthur Street.

And this part may go without saying, but be sure to be careful as the bridge will sway side to side slightly as you cross it!

Renfrew Swinging Bridge

Where: 65 Arthur Street, Renfrew, ON