We’re going to let you in on a local secret among those in Kawarthas Northumberland. The area is home to a natural swimming pool filled with fresh water from the nearby High Falls waterfall, considered a hidden gem! Now that you’re in the know we’ll spill ALL the details.

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The secluded swimming hole is tucked away along Eels Creek and while the views are worth the trip it will require some effort to get to it.

First, you’ll have to paddle along “The Land Between,” a route featuring a mix of classic Canadian Shield rocky outcroppings and a landscape more typical of the southern St. Lawrence Lowlands.

The route is around 400 years old!

The paddle is going to take you to High Falls first, which you will hear before you see.

The falls are challenging to get to by land, meaning you’ll have the falls to yourself as it’s likely there won’t be anyone visiting by foot

Between the swimming hole and the waterfall, you’re truly going to feel like you’re in paradise.

The swimming hole is the perfect place to cool down after your paddling adventure and because you could be out most of the day, be sure to pack a lunch and post up along the shore to enjoy.

If you want more out of your Kawarthas Northumberland adventure you can book a guided tour with The Land Canadian Adventures.

Take your summer to new levels and enjoy this hidden gem, Ontario.

Eels Creek swimming hole

Where: Eeels Creek, Kawarthas Northumberland, ON