Ever see a vanity plate that really catches your eye? Either the word or phrase is clever, or you’re left stumped trying to figure out what it means. With all that makes it out there, you might just be curious about the words that don’t. And that’s where this list comes in. Here’s a look at 2022’s best-rejected vanity plates in Washington.

In total, the Washington DOL rejected 13,632 vanity plates in 2022. The DOL shared with Curiocity that there are two possibilities when it comes to rejecting plates.

They are either “Full” or “Anywhere.” Full means only the exact configuration is blocked, so if the word is part of another word, the plate may not automatically be denied. “Anywhere” means that the configuration cannot appear anywhere on the plate.

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With over 13,600 rejected vanity plates, we can’t include them all, but here’s a look at a few that didn’t make it this year:

  • IH8YOU
  • BSUS

You get the picture… if you can think of it, people have tried it. If anything, it’s a good way to get peoples brains working, trying to figure out how they can evade detection for the perfect raunchy license plate.