If you’re looking to make a career change or simply try a new job this year, we might have the perfect thing for you. Washington State Parks is hiring for over 300 seasonal positions in 2023 meaning you could work among the landscapes that make our state so special. Here’s a look at what’s needed.

Washington State Parks is looking for 305 park aides and senior park aides to work from April through September this year. Park aides have a variety of duties including things like registering campers, maintaining trails, cleaning campgrounds, and more. Senior park aides lead their own team of park aides.

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For the role, park aides work in one large park or cover an area with several smaller parks. As Washington has an array of diverse environments, this job is available in many different settings. From old-growth forests to channeled scablands and beaches, park aides are needed.

Keep in mind that most park aide positions are non-permanent. The position typically runs for five to six months, although some parks offer park aides temporary housing.

If you’d like to apply, applications are open now through August. Wages for park aides range from $16.61 to $19.09 an hour, and senior park aides earn $17.79 to $20.98 an hour, depending on qualifications and experience.