It’s raining chocolate and no, we’re not kidding! Reese is making kitchen snack cupboards accessible to all by quite literally dropping them out of the sky onto unsuspecting outdoor workers. Well… they’re lowering them through the air by drones. Don’t worry, you won’t be knocked out by a piece of furniture. But you could get your hands on the NEW Reese Outrageous bar!

The hype around the new Reese Outrageous bar is no joke. Creamy peanut butter, gooey caramel, and Reese’s pieces coated in silky milk chocolate (are you drooling? We’re drooling). If you’re working from home or made the trek back into an office, it’s easy enough to have one of these Outrageous bars within arm’s reach, but not quite so easy if you’re working an outside job. So, Reese is filling drone-operated Outrageous Flying Snack Cupboards with Reese Outrageous bars and dropping them to outdoor workers across Canada!

And trust us, we’re not kidding about just how wild and unique this chocolate-delivery system is. We were right there when a lifeguard at Hamilton’s Valens Beach got a surprise snack delivery, and to say she was shocked to see a snack cupboard cruising through the air towards her is an understatement. It’s almost as if airborne chocolate isn’t a common sight for outdoor workers, but what do we know?

Keep your eyes on the sky if you’re in need of a sweet treat to break up your workday — you might be the next lucky person getting a very tasty delivery!