From restaurants to stores, some might be surprised to know that businesses in the tiny town of Raymond, Alberta, have actually been unable to legally sell alcohol for over a century – but something major could be coming soon.

With newly implemented laws that give the province more power to control the distribution, sale and consumption of liquor and cannabis, a subtle, yet historic change to their prohibition bylaw could be on the horizon – but not without the public’s help.

“Given that Raymond has been a dry community for over 100 years, Council understands the importance of reaching out to Town residents for their input on this issue,” representatives said in a press release. “This input is vitally important.”

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Of course, it is worth noting that they only plan on just taking baby steps for now.

“Town Council has considered arguments for and against amending the Town’s Land Use Bylaw to permit full-service restaurants – but ONLY full-service restaurants – to apply for “Class A – Minors Allowed” liquor licenses,” they clarified.

This means that in order to drink at home, residents would still have to drive all the way to their neighbouring town of Lethbridge to get a 6-pack – but that a meal at their local bar could finally be enjoyed with a cold one.

As always we will keep you updated on this one, folks – so stay tuned. The next public engagement session will take place on the 23rd and will be live-streamed on the town’s website. If by chance, you’re a resident you’ll also be able to get involved between March 24th and April 7 on their website here.

If there’s one thing we can tell you for free, it’s that this one will be interesting to keep up with, after all, who knew that a law like the one in Raymond, Alberta, even existed!