Dating from a distance is something that we’ve all had to get used to during the pandemic. But plenty of people have been practicing socially distanced dating for years. And that’s why we have pop culture gems like MTV’s Catfish. Online dating folks, we’re looking at you because Catfish: The TV Show is casting right now.

Show hosts Nev and Kamie are searching for more online relationships, friendships, and business partners who have never met in person or seen each other on video chat. They want to help people get to the bottom of their online relationships and of course, provide viewers with entertainment. Best of all, we were able to confirm with MTV that folks from both the US and Canada can apply.

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The application process is pretty simple. You have to provide your basic info, your partner’s basic info, some pictures, and context on your relationship. Some included questions in the application are “Why haven’t you been able to meet in person yet?”, “Do you have a secret or something to confess to your online partner?” and “Do you have anything special planned for when you first meet?”.

While there is currently no deadline for the casting call we recommend applying sooner rather than later. After all, it’s hard to know just how many stories they’re getting. So whether this applies to you or a friend you can apply for the casting call here and learn more here.