The Raptors flexed their artistic side on Monday and the results were surprisingly impressive. Sportsnet challenged 9 of the players to a friendly drawing contest during the team’s media day, asking them to sketch their best attempt of the OVO owl logo in one minute.

Sportsnet posted photos of the Raptors posing next to their masterpieces and asked the public to weigh in with their verdict. While most players definitely nailed the assignment, most fans seem to agree that OG Anunoby is the clear winner.

His OVO logo looks more like a character from Where The Wild Things Are than an owl, but we have to agree that it’s the most creative.

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“I would pay for an OG-designed OVO sweater with this alternate logo,” someone tweeted. Another person called it a “surrealist masterpiece.” One Toronto-based graphic designer even turned it into a cartoon.

Anunoby’s drawing is getting serious praise on the Raptors subReddit too, with many people saying how much they’d love to see it featured in the team’s next merch drop. “Must have been difficult for him to decide between an NBA career or being a professional artist,” someone wrote.

From the tweets, it’s clear that Goran Dragić’s drawing was a close second.

Now, all we need is for Drake to weigh in so we can settle this tie-breaker.