Canada now has a new holiday in honour of Queen Elizabeth II this coming September 19. Though it is a federal holiday for government employees, provinces across the country were left to decide whether they would make it a holiday for the rest.

As you may have already heard, Ontario Premier Doug Ford announced the province would not give a statutory holiday to Ontarians but rather it would be a “provincial day of mourning.”

Ford said that Ontarians may have a moment of silence at 1 p.m. on that day and encouraged all to reflect on the Queen’s life, including students to learn about the many contributions Her Majesty made to the people of Ontario.

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“This will give all Ontarians an opportunity to reflect on the remarkable life of Queen Elizabeth II and her unrelenting commitment to service and duty,” said Ford in a statement.

“It also allows students to be in school learning about the many contributions the Queen made to the people of Ontario, Canada, and the entire Commonwealth, as well as the accession of King Charles III.”

So unless you’re a federal government employee, you don’t have the day off on Monday!