If you’re looking for some positive news, we have that thing for you, Puget Sound has welcomed a brand new orca whale calf to it’s Southern Resident J Pod this week.

According to the Center for Whale Research the calf currently named J59 appears to be in good physical condition. While already super exciting news, J59’s birth is extra important because it’s the first calf born into the J Pod since September 2020. At this time, it is unknown if the calf is a male or a female.

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The pod and its new baby were spotted around San Juan Island and as is the case with orcas in general, the public has been asked to keep their distance from them when out on the water. We’re looking forward to watching J59 grow and hope you all can have your own sighting soon.

In the meantime, why not learn about Washington State’s official animals. After all, the orca whale is one of them. Have a great weekend folks!