Friday is already the best day of the week but it’s about to get even better because the Woodland Park Zoo has a brand new baby otter. If you’re in need of a serious dose of cuteness this month it might just be time to visit. It’s time to meet Sotong.

Sotong is a two-month-old female Asian small-clawed otter, who was born on December 9th, 2021. She’s the first pup of mom Little Frei and dad Conner.

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While two months old, this ball of cuteness is currently living off view in a maternity den with her parents. The good news is that she has already “started swim lessons, is making lots of high-pitched squeals and chirps (a good sign of bonding with her parents), and continues to nurse although she has started sampling solids like capelin, lake smelt, and trout!”

We’ll keep our fingers crossed for an in-person Sotong sighting soon but in the meantime, you can visit the other full-grown and equally as cute otters at the Woodland Park Zoo. And if you’re really invested you can keep up with Sotong’s updates on the zoo’s blog.