Vancouver (and the rest of BC) continues to be a top pick for the streaming giant Netflix to create content. Hot off the heels of the release of the Vancouver Island-shot Maid, Netflix has announced that production has officially begun in Vancouver for their live-action adaptation of Avatar: The Last Airbender.

Which, in our humble opinion, might be their most ambitious yet. Not only is Avatar: The Last Airbender widely considered one of the best animated series ever, but the live-action movie sits practically on the other side of the spectrum, getting more or less universally panned when it came out in 2010.

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Using the working title ‘Trade Winds‘, the new series officially started production yesterday, and is set to last until May, 2022. While there’s no confirmation of whether production will use exterior shots, that is a long while for the stars to be around the city.

And they could be worth keeping an eye out for. Not only has Daniel Dae Kim (Lost, Hawaii 5-0) been cast as the antagonist Fire Lord Ozai, but a recent announcement confirmed that Paul Sun-Hyung Lee (Kim’s Convenience) will be playing the lovable Uncle Iroh.

So folks, keep your eyes peeled for any cool sets popping up over the winter!