Horror fans are going to love this! This small Ontario town was once a filming site for a horror movie by none other than Stephen King. A creepy clown, a group of kids and a 20-foot statue of Paul Bunyan. Any guesses? As we’re nearing the season of all things spooky, a trip to Port Hope seems to be in order.

Anyone a fan of IT? The terrifying clown flicks were filmed in Port Hope, about an hour east of Toronto.

“If you’ve seen the movies, you’ll recognize Memorial Park downtown where a 20-foot statue of Paul Bunyan presided and members of the Losers Club sat nearby at a picnic table,”  shares Port Hope Tourism.

“And don’t miss the laneway off Walton Street beside the film’s Quality Meats store. You can still find the sign in the alleyway for a souvenir selfie.”

You can actually take part in a self-guided walking tour to explore all the movie sites.

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Besides all the movie excitement, Port Hope is a lovely, small town that’s home to so many great perks. It’s a great spot to unwind, escape the busy city, and enjoy that small-town vibe.

From street festivals to vintage movie theatres, local shops, and more, Port Hope prides itself on its community and the history it holds.

Its very own Capitol Theatre was actually recognized as a National Historic Site for its status as one of the oldest restored theatres in Canada, according to the town’s tourism group. And one of the few remaining atmospheric auditoriums in North America.

The town also vouches for its arts community as many creatives find themselves lost in the ambiance.


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This is the type of place where you can enjoy sunsets by the water and go for a ride down quaint streets and scenic country roads.

People also come to Port Hope on the weekends from mid-August to early October to “watch the 5,000 to 19,000 Chinook and silvery Coho Salmon swim from Lake Ontario up the Ganaraska River that runs through Port Hope on their way to their home spawning grounds.” It’s a sight to see.

Now if you’re looking for something fun to do over the weekend, swing on over to Port Hope to see what all the hype is about!