It’s about time we moved over Fiji and the French Alps because water springs at our very own Rockies have everything we need in our water— natural minerals, alkalinity and a smooth, crisp taste. As proof, we present to you North Water, a Calgary-born and operated luxury brand that bottled this sweet liquid up for us.

Sourced from a secluded spring in the Rocky Mountains, the pure, pristine water contains healthful minerals and a pH of 8.2. In case you’re wondering what that is, here’s a quick chemistry lesson- higher the pH, the more the alkalinity and healthier the water.

North Water
Photo Via North Water

Simply put, North Water is smooth-tasting, healthful and Canadian. Now, do we need more reason to love this brand? Heck no! But do we have more reason to love it? Heck yes. The brand is also sustainable.

Concerned about the plastic-induced damage to our landfills and oceans (not to forget, our health), the luxe brand has packaged the water in aluminum bottles that can be recycled and repurposed infinitely. That the bottles are fancy-looking and so we want to carry them around is the cherry on the cake.

North Water
Photo Via North Water / Curiocity Group

A proud Canadian and an avid globetrotter as she is, Saawan, the founder of North Water, insists her travels made her appreciate the clean springs of The Rockies even more. She has now taken it upon herself to share the liquid freshness of the Rockies with the rest of the world. And we, as proud Canadians ourselves, are cheering her on.

Find out more about North Water, and where to buy it on their website here.