Doing some last-minute holiday shopping this week? If so, you might want to swing by the Kingsway Mall. Over the weekend, the mall unveiled a brand new installation- a ‘Winter Village’ made by the community, and entirely out of LEGO!

Built over the past few weeks, the Winter Village was made by regular shoppers and enthusiasts, with guidance from LEGO artists and members of the Northern Alberta Lego Users group. Together, they managed to create everything from a ski hill with its own ski lift, to an electric train, and a massive Ice Castle as the centrepiece.

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lego winter village
Photo via Teck King, Avonlea Photography Studio Inc.

What’s more, the over 150,000 thousand LEGO pieces used to create the village means that this is the largest community-built LEGO display in all of Canada! The display occupies a footprint of about 150 square feet, and is currently set up in the CHROMA space inside the mall.

So, whether you love LEGO yourself or just want something cool to look at in between last-minute shopping trips, make sure to keep this in mind. It’ll be up until December 31st, so you can even check it out during your Boxing Day shopping!

LEGO Winter Village

When: Now until December 31st
Where: 1 Kingsway Garden Mall Northwest