If you haven’t heard about it already, Facebook and Ray-Ban announced this week that they’ve teamed up to create a line of new ‘smart’ sunglasses. But, we’re not exactly at Tony Stark levels of tech quite yet. More like a few steps above your local spy store. Here’s what to know about them.

The new Ray-Ban ‘Stories’ line does have a few tricks up its sleeve. Most importantly, they come with dual 5MP cameras that let you take a first-person pic (or 30-second video) of whatever you’re seeing. These pictures can be taken using the arms of the glasses, or using voice commands.

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Meanwhile, the glasses also have a built-in microphone and speakers, so that you can listen to music or chat with a friend in a heads-free format. Basically, Facebook and Ray-Ban have integrated technology that has been around for years (who can forget those Oakley sunglasses?) in a seamless way.

But, with a price tag of around $369 CAD, we’re having trouble thinking of who might want to buy these. Maybe a really cool dad on vacation? Your friend that camped out for the latest GTX 3080? Whoever it is, we can’t wait to see a pair for ourselves in the wild.