Lock your doors, folks. A fearless group of feral pigs is running loose in the streets of Pickering and nobody knows where they came from or where they’re going next. Locals have spotted the pack of wild boars over the past several days and their presence is becoming somewhat of a problem.

The City of Pickering is working with the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry to bait and capture the boars, according to CTV Toronto.

The Eurasian wild boars are considered an “invasive species,” and both the City and locals have counted 14 of them in the herd. Photos of the sighting are making the rounds on social media, with residents warning one another about their potentially aggressive nature.

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One Pickering resident, Mary Delaney, told the outlet that her husband spotted them in their backyard on Monday morning. “They surprised each other in an ‘E.T. meets Elliot in the cornfield’ moment,'” she said.

Another individual shared photos of the boars on Wednesday, asking the public to call the Ministry immediately if they’re spotted.

According to the province, free-roaming pigs and wild boars can do some pretty significant damage to the environment, like preying on other wildlife, rooting into the ground with their tusks, damaging crops, and even spreading diseases to other animals and humans.

Until these lawless creatures are found and relocated, you may want to stay extra vigilant while you’re out and about this week