Those who were lucky enough to snag a box of the newly-released Pokémon Oreos are now listing them for sale online for a whole lot more than they paid for them. Oreo enthusiasts shopping on eBay could end up spending thousands for a package or hundreds of dollars for a single cookie.

The limited-edition cookies, which were unveiled earlier this month, feature 1 of 16 starter Pokémon characters and the goal is to collect them all. The Oreos were originally only available for pre-order in the United States and are not yet available in Canadian stores.

As you can probably imagine, cookies featuring rare characters cost significantly more, one of those being Mew, described by the company as a “super-rare Mythical Pokémon.”

One Mew cookie is up on eBay for over $6,300 CAD and a Pikachu cookie could run you over $250 CAD plus shipping.

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One person is charging $16,000 for a box, and few overzealous cookie sellers have priced their Oreos for over $44,000 and $31,000 CAD. That’s around the average cost of a minimum down payment on a house in Canada, which is $33,175 in 2021, according to RE/MAX.

There are dozens of listings that are more reasonably priced, but those will likely end up going to the highest bidder.

Just to give you an idea of how outrageously marked-up these cookies are, a family-sized box costs just $3.79 USD at Target.

It seems like Canadians are better off driving across the border to get their hands on these Oreos. Even a plane ticket would be cheaper at this point.