A busy summer travel season is about to begin and Pearson Airport is on a mission to eliminate delays and improve passengers’ experience.

After a difficult summer last year, the airport has announced major initiatives to combat long lines, luggage delays, backup on the tarmac, and more.

“Last summer was challenging for passengers,” said the President of the Greater Toronto Airports Authority in a press release.

“We have responded with a full suite of process improvements and practices with our partners to deliver a more customer-centric and reliable experience.”

If you’ve travelled through Pearson recently, you’ll know that it can take a pretty long time to get your luggage. Luckily, the airport has a plan for that too.

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Pearson says it will be using “an upgraded baggage system featuring AI that anticipates overloading and detects potential breakdowns before they occur.”

The airport will also introduce tools to help staff prevent bag jams and reduce delays, as well as create a “resource pool of employees and contracted staff” to help keep bags moving.

Specifically, the airport is using new technology, more staff, and even AI to detect and prevent issues.

Here some of the key initiatives at Pearson Airport to enhance the passenger experience this summer:

  • Self-service infrastructre — contactless check-in and boarding, new digital technology at check-in, gates and baggage areas, expedited customs clearance.
  • Expanding pre-booking for YYZ Express and implementing it at every security screening point.
  • Staffing — increasing staff in critical areas, including bussing, baggage handling, and terminal operations.
  • Real-time analysis & confidence — helping passengers know what to expect with real-time data and flagging issues for staff
  • Slot assignments — managing flight volume on an hourly basis
  • On-time performance — monitoring performance with airlines and creating action plans to improve as needed
  • Runways and taxiways — “aggressive airfield lighting and electrical projects” to avoid emergency repairs and disruptions

If you’ve got summer travel plans to look forward to, you can breathe easier knowing that Pearson Airport is stepping up its game.