Were you feeling a little left out from the last time the Northern Lights came to more populated parts of Canada? We’ve got some good news- it looks like Alberta and BC residents might see them again this weekend. A new forecast of aurora activity shows that people staying up late Friday (or getting up early Saturday) will have a chance to see them. Here’s what to know.

The Weather Network has released an aurora forecast for Canada this weekend. And while the lights will be visible across Canada’s southern regions, expected cloud coverage means that the east is not likely to check them out. However, Edmonton and Calgary should get a great view, and folks willing to drive north of Vancouver will also have the chance.

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Now, you might have to be devoted to see them. According to the forecast, the aurora will be most active between 2 AM-5 AM on Saturday morning. Our advice? See what your most energetic friend is up to, watch some late-night spooky movies, and drive to a space with little light pollution for the best chance to see them.

With any luck, you’ll drive (or walk) away with some absolutely stunning pictures of one of the most famous natural phenomenons around! And, if you really want to hedge your bets, you can even check out the 30-min forecast of aurora activity on the Space Weather Prediction Center’s website. Good luck out there!