Even if you were among the few who saw snow this weekend, It’s tough to argue that Canada was not THE place to catch the Northern Lights last night. From BC to Ontario, North America had front row seats to a geomagnetic storm that lit up the sky (and social media) with hues of blue and green.

Known as the Aurora Borealis, this photogenic phenomenon is the result of gaseous particles from the Earth’s atmosphere colliding with particles released and supercharged by the sun.

Now, although this certainly doesn’t sound like a pretty sight, it’s actually one of the best and luckily, for those who didn’t get to see it with their own eyes, Twitter and Instagram users were quick to reach for their phones and camera.

Here are just a few of the best photos and videos of the Northern Lights from across Canada last night!

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Have you seen anything that ridiculously good-looking?! If the answer is yes, we’re going to need some proof – because wow.

If you have yet to share your photo from last night – don’t be shy! Share away – and tag us! We want to see it!

Hopefully, it won’t be long until we see Aurora again, but until then – stay safe, and stay on your toes! You never know when those gassy particles will bump into each other again!