This week’s Northern Lights were a sight to behold but, like so many others, you may have missed it and that sucks – we would know. Luckily, the sun will likely outlive us and that means it’s going to have many a solar flare for us to ogle in the future. With time to prepare, why not pull out all the stops – like getting a better camera and checking out Aurora Watch – a service and website designed by the folks at the University of Alberta.

Co-created by Dr. Andy Kale, a physics researcher with the faculty of science, this handy resource features everything from graphs and photos to predictions, DIY projects and also allows you to sign up for one of two different alerts that will inform you when Earth’s nearest star is acting up.

To join over 80,000 other people in signing up for these alerts, all you have to do is visit the site here and select either ‘Red Alerts,’  which are issued when there’s more than a 70% chance an Aurora is up and coming, or ‘Yellow and Red Alerts,’ which will be sent out when there’s even a 50% probability that a geomagnetic storm is a-comin’.

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They’re also constantly updating their Twitter, so if you tend to look at your social media more often than your emails, you can follow them and sign up for notifications here!

Honestly, we couldn’t recommend doing so more – especially if you consider yourself to be a junior astronomer.

The Northern Lights are just too cool to miss – as we’re sure you’ve seen over the last few weeks.

Have fun and enjoy! Hopefully, it won’t be long until the Northern Lights illuminate the sky again – because we’ll be waiting!