Look, we get it, parking in Seattle can be tough. But just how much are you willing to pay for a primo spot? If you have $50k to spare you’ll never have to worry about parking again. That’s because a parking spot on Capitol Hill just hit the market, yes you can now buy your own parking spot.

This notion isn’t that out of the ordinary. People in major urban centers like New York City have been buying parking spots for decades. But that’s New York and this is Seattle, parking shortages are a relatively new thing and people are willing to pay the big bucks to avoid losing a few extra minutes of their day.

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Photo via Windermere

That being said, $50k is a lot of money, more than many people make in a year. So why would you want this spot so bad? According to the listing, it’s a “once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to purchase a parking space in The Marq Condominium” further the spot is located in a secure garage, has 24/7 access, and is steps from “everything the city has to offer.”

Not only that but the listing also mentions that the spot is a “great investment for additional city parking” or an opportunity to rent it out. Is a $50k parking spot “not to be missed?” We’ll let you decide.