Legend has it that there is a secret, almost crystal-clear lagoon in Ontario with waterfalls that leave you breathless. It’s so hidden that in order to find it, you must do an off-road trip and a short hiking excursion to get there. Sounds magical right? Well, lucky for you it’s real! Paradise Lagoon offers the best of both worlds – a perfect spot for a quick swim and the best for photo ops.

Located just outside of Sudbury, Ontario, Paradise Lagoon aka Blue Lagoon lives up to its name. It’s known for its aqua-blue water, steep rock walls, majestic red pine trees, and rushing waterfall.

It’s hidden outside of the Wanapitei Provincial Park, and the swimming hole is part of the Chiniguchi River that runs through the Wolf Lake Forest Reserve.

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For those driving from Toronto, it’s about a six-hour ride so a day trip may not be convenient considering you’ll be in for quite the adventure getting to your destination. But once you make it, it’s all worth it.

According to Northern Ontario Travel, to reach the lagoon, access used to be very difficult. Most people visit by a long canoe trip but now since there is some road access, there’s the option of going on ATV or bike and ending off with a hike. A full breakdown of the entire process can be found here.

And since it’s so hard to get to, it’s been kept in a nice and pristine state. That being said if you do answer the adventure call, make sure to leave the untouched oasis as you found it.

Let’s help the environment so we can continue to enjoy places like Paradise Lagoon this summer.

Paradise Lagoon

Where: Greater Sudbury
Distance: About six hours away from Toronto.