If you grew up in Seattle then you may have had the experience of going to the Pacific Science Center laser dome as a youngin. It’s one of those perfectly funky aspects of the unique building complex that somehow has remained pretty true to itself as the rest of the city has changed. So get excited because the Laser Dome is back and here are all the fun shows you can see.

The dome is playing shows from Thursday to Saturday making it a great after-work and weekend activity. You can choose from a variety of tunes, some classics, and some newer popular artists. As much as the times are changing, fan-favorite shows like Pink Floyd and Prince remain.

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When it comes to newer shows you can see and hear tunes from BTS, Billie Eilish, and Beyonce. There are also two general shows, one focused on EDM and the other on Seattle Sound. Shows are 50-60 minutes and you can snag your spot inside 15 minutes prior to start time.

You can learn more about the shows and snag tickets at the Pacific Science Center website. Ticket prices range from $12-$15. Enjoy!