Farm-to-table dining is one of the best ways to experience the bounty of our state’s produce and animal products. If it’s something you’re into, you don’t want to miss Oustanding in the Field, a unique dining experience allowing you to eat the freshest foods in unconventional settings. Best of all, there are multiple dinners happening this summer, and here’s what you should know.

Outstanding in the Field has been happening since 1999 at locations across the globe. This year’s tour has stops across the US in states like California, Texas, New York, and of course, Washington. With eight dinners happening in Washington this year, you might as well try something new.

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This year’s dinners include sittings at Pear Ridge Orchard, Watmough Bay Farm, Orcas Farm, Oxbow Farm & Conservation Center, Taylor Shellfish, and Monteillet Fromagerie. You’ll be able to eat meals cooked by chefs like Cameron Hanin, Jay Blackinton, Melissa Miranda, and many more. What’s more, you’ll be seated in an unforgettable farm location making for what’s likely to be one of your best summer dining experiences this year.

Prices for the dinners vary by event, ranging from $365-$385 per person. Keep in mind, tickets are selling out quickly and capacity is limited so your best bet is to plan ahead and purchase your tickets as soon as you can. You can learn more at the Outstanding in the Field website.

Outstanding in the Field

When: Various dates June 18th-July 20th
Where: Farms across the state
Cost: $365-$385 per person