Don’t we all wish we had a pool in our backyard? While it can’t be all of our day-to-day realities, you can have your very own private pool for a day. Yes, it’s one more thing you can actually rent by the hour and that’s thanks to Swimply.

Swimply connects people like you with people with pools. You can choose from all sorts of pools, available pools in the Seattle area include hot tubs, small pools, family-friendly pools, lakefront property, and more. Just remember these pools are entirely yours for the hour or hours you choose to rent them.

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Prices for pools range from $49-$100 an hour around the Sound. The website works a bit like Airbnb with listings shown on a map, allowing you to maneuver around the Seattle area and beyond for pools. So whether you want to stay in your neighborhood or check out somewhere new, this is a fun way to do it!

You can learn more at the Swimply website and see what’s currently available. With that enjoy and happy swimming!