April is almost here, and so is the Easter long weekend! While the day is not recognized as a holiday federally or by the state, many consider it to be one. With that in mind, you might wondering if businesses and stores will be operating normally. Here’s what’s open and closed in Seattle this Easter weekend.

This year, Good Friday falls on March 29th, and Easter is on March 31st.

The good news is that most things should be open.


However, there are a few notable larger stores that will be closed on Easter Sunday including Costco, Best Buy and Target. So if you are needing bulk ingredients or decorations from these places, be sure to purchase them before Sunday.

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If you get a hankering for a snack, keep in mind that most major food chains will be open on Sunday. A few of those chains include Starbucks, McDonald’s, IHOP, and Taco Bell among others. Pike Place Market is also open this weekend.

Keep in mind grocery stores like QFC, PCC, Fred Meyer, Walmart, Kroger and Albertsons, will be open on Sunday as will drugstore chains like Bartell Drugs, CVS, Walgreens and Rite Aid. However, some of these stores may have reduced hours so be sure to check before you leave the house.

Be sure to plan ahead for the week and have a great long weekend, Seattle!